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Benestar Australia’s Avarca Sandals Online

Benestar Sandals Australia was created by Samantha Dever. Born through her love of shoes, the brand was conceptualised after Samantha’s discover of the styling and comfort of Avarcas. These sandals are traditionally made in Menorca, an island in Spain, and are handcrafted leather sandals prized for their timeless look and incredible comfort.

After her overseas discover, Samantha created Benestar in order to offer the versatility that the Avarca style sandals are recognised for to a new market. This allows the range to be ideal for any occasion, whether it be summer days on the beach or comfort in a relaxed office environment.

Handmade, luxurious avarcas

To guarantee the legitimacy of these avarcas, Benestar have been awarded with the 'Avarca de Menorca' label. This label, granted by the local Menorcan Government, guarantees that the Benestar line is solely composed of traditionally artisan made sandals. Although hailing from Spain, these sandals are ideal to complement warm Australian summers, and allow you to ditch your thongs for a much more sophisticated and comfortable option.

Pairs of sandals produced under the Benestar name are always 100% authentic, being handcrafted by locals on the island of Menorca, Spain. High quality leathers and fabrics are combined to create a variety of eye-catching looks, whether they be incorporate flashy components like glitter or focus on minimalism.

Get your own pair of Avarca style sandals today

The beauty of these avarca sandals is that they can be paired easily with a wide selection of clothing. Whether you’re enjoying pieces from Mossman, Winona, Somedays Lovin or Fresh Soul, avarcas are a wardrobe staple you wont want to miss out on – make sure to browse our sale to find a pair of Benestar avarcas for an even better price!

If you have any questions about the beautiful range of avarcas from Benestar, get in touch with the friendly team at Fox & Willow.